Nick Smith


Nick Smith - Physiotherapist - Physio Remedies London W1, Mayfair, Berkeley Square, Green Park

Ever since Nick qualified in 1993, he’s worked across a broad range of physiotherapy practices – including the physiotherapy and sports injury clinic at The Wellington Hospital. He also trained with The Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine, and has completed postgraduate diplomas in Golf Physiotherapy and with the Titleist Performance Institute.

Today, he specialises in shoulder injuries – and he’s developed excellent working relationships with some of London’s finest orthopaedic surgeons who have expertise in this area.

Although he spends his days fixing other people’s limbs, he also has a habit of wearing out his own. Case in point: he once suffered from a stress fracture while running a half marathon, and now has a huge pin holding his hip together. These days he sticks mainly to golf.


In my line of work and being on my feet all day, it is essential that my body stays in top condition and everything works as it should. Nick has cured numerous aches and injuries for me, finding solutions for problems that Harley Street doctors haven’t been able to. He always put Humpty Dumpty back together again! I have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends, staff and clients; he really is the best find!

– Jo Hansford MBE, hair specialist

Nick really goes above and beyond for his clients. Not only does he get you back to full fitness, but he also solves the cause of the injury and gives the best advice for preventing reoccurrence. I suffered a catalogue of injuries when training for the London Marathon and there is absolutely no way I would have completed the race with a personal best time had it have not been for my sessions with Nick. They may feel like torture at the time, but they’re well worth it in the long run!

– Gemma Cooper

My treatments have finished now and they have made a real difference. Nick was great from the very start explaining what the problem was and then treating the issue. Would highly recommend him to anyone suffering with any back issues.

– JS



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