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And the same goes for stress fractures, shoulder impingements, ligament sprains, and any other injury or problem that’s making you suffer. You might be feeling a similar pain to someone else, but the cause – and subsequent treatment – could well be completely different.

So at Physio Remedies we do a whole lot of analysis, assessment and question-asking to figure out the best way to treat you. We look at your entire body (not just what’s hurting), discuss your lifestyle and habits, and come up with a recovery programme that fits in with your lifestyle.

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First-rate physiotherapy. Enjoys an excellent relationship with a number of top surgeons and consultants. Have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending.
— Mike Slade, Helical plc

Top-notch facilities


We’re based in Mayfair’s Lansdowne Club. The beautiful Art Deco interior may be from the 1930s, but our own equipment couldn’t be any more modern.

We have a weights floor for strengthening exercises, treadmills for analysing and teaching running techniques, and spin bikes, static bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers for other injuries and conditions.

We also have a dedicated studio for analysing and correcting movement, conducting gait assessments and performing rehabilitation exercises.

Additionally, we’re able to make use of the Lansdowne Club’s swimming pool for both rehabilitation and swimming assessment. 

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I’ve had a back/neck problem for nine years. I’ve seen six physiotherapists and two osteopaths, had acupuncture, MRI scans and two consultant reviews. I’m really pleased to have found a physio who’s pinpointed a key problem quickly and provided very quick relief through vigorous and high-intensity therapy. I was only anticipating symptomatic remedial relief, but I’m now holding out hope for a longer-term improvement that will improve my quality of life dramatically. I’m a very happy client!
— Simon, Barclays Bank
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Experts in specific parts of the body


While our therapists have detailed knowledge of all possible injuries and treatment, we make sure we each specialise in different parts of the body. That way, you can be sure you’re receiving the best, most up-to-date and in-depth information and treatment when it comes to your injury. 

If you’ve come to us for rehabilitation before or after an operation, we have an excellent understanding of the latest techniques and protocols: it’s why specialists up and down the country trust us and refer their patients to us. 

Everyone at Physio Remedies has been qualified for at least 18 years – and we all undergo regular intensive courses and training.

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Very methodical and safe approach. I definitely feel that I’m in safe hands.