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Our team of qualified, hands-on physiotherapists and massage therapists will find the best way to give you long-term wellness and fitness.

With our help (and a little bit of work from you), you’ll be back to your best in as little time as possible.

Sarah Lawson: physiotherapist and founder

Specialties: knee, foot & ankle, sports injuries


Paul Martin: physiotherapist and director

Specialties: shoulder & elbow, hip & groin, sports injuries


Stuart Mailer: physiotherapist 

Specialties: knee, foot & ankle


Nick Smith: physiotherapist

Specialties: shoulder & elbow, sports injuries


Caroline Ephgrave: physiotherapist

Specialties: spinal


Jo Stephen: physiotherapist

Specialty: knee


Kara Mulvein: physiotherapist

Specialty: spinal

Cherie Duir Howe - Physio Remedies, London

Cherie Duir Howe: massage therapist

Specialty: massage therapy


Emily Chong: sports massage therapist

Specialty: massage therapy


Ingrid Elad: personal assistant and account manager

Specialty: accounts, organisation, assistance