Emily Chong

Sports Massage Therapist

Emily Chong - sports massage therapist - Physio Remedies London W1, Mayfair, Berkeley Square, Green Park

Before Emily joined the Physio Remedies team, she was our patient for almost ten years! As an athlete, martial artist and high-performance coach, she racked up a number of injuries that resulted in knee surgery and a shoulder operation – but with the help of Sarah and Paul, she was able to recover and compete as a triathlete and lacrosse player at international level. 

Emily gained her Sports Massage qualification in 2014, and then spent a year in Australia working with sports teams and at triathlon events. 

Now at Physio Remedies, she specialises in getting injured athletes back to peak performance through soft tissue release work and Kinesio® taping. Many Channel swimmers, marathon runners and Ironmen and women have also benefited from her help.


I had been training for an English Channel relay, only to strain my shoulder to the extent that I couldn’t lift my arm and any elbow rotation was painful. I didn’t know what was wrong but I was in pain, unable to swim, and only three days away from my crossing date.

I had been to GPs and physios in the past, but decided to try sports massage therapy – and Emily was recommended to me by many swimmers at the Serpentine Swim club. She began by diagnosing exactly what was wrong after a few prods that highlighted the tightness in my pecs and lats. As an experienced swim teacher, she was able to advise on how the strain could have been created by my technique and suggested some changes in my stroke to avoid recurrence.

During the one-hour sports massage session, she loosened up my muscles, increased my range of movement, and finished with some coaching on specific stretches for maintenance. An hour after the massage I had regained full range of movement with barely a dull ache. A week later, I swam to France. Result.

– Arabella EB, London

If I could give Emily at Physio Remedies 10 stars, I would! She is a genius sports therapist who has made it possible for me to get back to swimming as I struggle with degenerative Kypho-scoliosis and the chronic pain that goes with it.

I would not be swimming this summer if it were not for her talent as a sports massage therapist and swim instructor. I am deeply indebted to her for her expertise and confidence with which has tackled my back and shoulder problems and made everything feel a whole lot better. I am definitely factoring in ongoing sessions to keep me mobile. Thank you Emily so much!!

– Briony F

I really value Emily‘s practical expertise combined with her real-world knowledge of the goals and challenges faced by amateur athletes. I would recommend her wholeheartedly, having searched around for sports massage with an ability to discuss how to elevate performance.

– Simon Dowker, Cyclist



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