When you’ve overdone it on the bike, or been tackled on the pitch, or fallen skiing, or simply carried a few-too-many heavy objects recently, it’s often the knees that suffer most. 

You may well have had knee pain for years and only just decided to do something about it – or perhaps the twinges began yesterday. Either way, we’re here to not just make you pain-free, but to get you back to doing exactly what you could do before – whether that’s run long distance, trek up a mountain or simply walk to the shops. 


Meet our specialists


Sarah Lawson

Sarah gained a postgraduate qualification in Sport Medicine in 1997, and went on to work as Outpatient and Sports Injury Manager at the Wellington Hospital. A seasoned triathlete and kitesurfer herself, she specialises in lower limb injuries, sporting back pain, and cycling and running-related injuries.


Stuart Mailer

Stuart worked as a sports therapist in professional tennis and private clinics before becoming a physiotherapist, and today he splits his time between private clinics and professional sport.
At Physio Remedies, Stuart treats patients of all ages, fitness levels and musculoskeletal injuries. His specialty these days is in lower limb injuries, and he’s currently undertaking a PhD in knee injuries.


Alex Manos

Alex has worked as a physiotherapist in both professional football and professional tennis, as well as in private practice. All of which have given him an excellent background and interest in lower limb injuries, the knee in particular.



Jo Stephen

While studying for a degree in Physiotherapy, a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy, and then a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Jo kept up her clinical skills by working with an assortment of associations and practices. She also spent time with specialists in the USA, during which time she developed a special interest in knee injuries.

Jo regularly presents internationally on her research work.

Jo is no longer working for us on a regular basis, but will hold ad hoc clinics. If you would like to see Jo, please contact Karen on

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We treat both pre/post-operative and non-operative knee conditions:


ACL/PCL reconstruction
Total knee replacements
Ligament repairs
Cartilage/meniscal tears
Post-op arthroscopy rehabilitation
Tibial osteotomies 


Anterior knee pain
Runner’s knee (IT Band Syndrome) 
Patella femoral dysfunctions
Ligament strains and sprains


Chrondal defects



When you first arrive at Physio Remedies (and after you’ve filled out a few tedious forms!), we’ll usually have a one-hour session with you, broken down as follows: 

+ 1: Full assessment of your issues

Your therapist will ask you questions about what’s happened, what hurts, what treatment you’ve had to date, past injuries/medical conditions, your general fitness, and so on.

+ 2: Physical examination

Your therapist will look at the area of pain, but also the body as a whole: your current pain could, for example, be the result of an injury from years ago that’s now putting excessive pressure elsewhere.

+ 3: Treatment and next steps

Once your therapist has a good overview of what’s wrong, they may be able to provide you with some treatment there and then to ease your pain and make you feel more comfortable. They’ll also sit down and discuss their findings and next steps with you.

These next steps may involve regular physiotherapy, massage, pilates, exercises for you to do at home, and more. When you’re given exercises to do in your own time, we sometimes like to record them on your phone (with your permission, of course), so that you have something accurate to follow. Alternatively, we might give you links to exercise programmes created just for you.

Your therapist will never give you too many exercises – and they’ll always check that you’ll realistically be able to fit them into your days.

+ 4: And then?

What happens next depends on your specific condition and the treatment required. Your therapist will outline everything in detail during the first appointment, so that you know exactly what’s going to happen and how long your treatment may take.


Sometimes, physiotherapy isn’t the answer – and we believe in referring our patients on quickly when they have problems that require a specialist opinion. 

We have strong, direct links with knee specialists in central London, which means we can help you with a fast, efficient referral process to orthopaedic consultants and sports medicine physicians and consultants.