What does my physio think about joint health supplements?

Do you ever wonder what your physio thinks about your favourite forms of exercise or whether your health or lifestyle choices are a good idea? In the second of a series of blog posts entitled “What Does My Physio Think…?” we’ve asked our physios what they think about joint health supplements such as glucosamine.


What does my physio think about joint health supplements?

Do supplements for joint health, such as Glucosamine, really help / work? Are there any you'd recommend for preventative or treating purposes?

Our specialist spinal physio Shari says:

“Unfortunately, there is very limited research evidence. I don't routinely recommend them, although anecdotally some patients see improvements. If taking Glucosamine for joint health it needs to have chondroitin in it as well. Here's what the Arthritis Foundation has to say. ”

Emily, our soft tissue therapist, triathlon coach, athlete personal trainer, comments:

“Again, there are conflicting studies with supplements. As a coach, I find psychological / placebo effect outweighs all, so if an athlete really believes in it, I certainly won’t stop them unless their doctor deems it dangerous.”

Stuart, our specialist knee and foot & ankle physio says

“The early studies in Glucosamine and Chondroitin seemed positive with Osteoarthritis, however more recently there are mixed reviews but many people find improvements though taking this. Others such as Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and may assist in reducing cholesterol but again the evidence is mixed.”