Compex Muscle Stimulation for Rehab and Training

Physio Remedies physiotherapists recently completed a training update on our Compex Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulator units from DJO UK.

Neuro muscular electric stimulation (NMES), also known as electric muscle stimulation (EMS), electrotherapy, muscle stim or e-stim, is delivered through a small device, the Compex, that sends electronic pulses to your nerve fibres in order to create involuntary muscle contractions. It can be used to aid rehabilitation following injury or surgery and to enhance training sessions and workouts.

Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation (Muscle Stimulation) for Rehabilitation

The therapeutic benefits of electrotherapy (Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation) are clinically proven and are recognised by both physiotherapists and doctors working in the fields of pain relief, rehabilitation and professional sports across the world. Muscle stimulation is not used in isolation but as an adjunct to other prescribed treatments to improve their effectiveness. The Compex units we have are very easy to use and allow continuation of rehabilitation while away from the clinic.

NMES machines provide the following benefits:

  • Pain control

  • Enhanced muscle recruitment and control of joint stability

  • Reduces haematoma (bruising) / fluid (swelling)

  • Increases muscle volume and strength

  • Wound healing

Complex NMES Rehab

Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation for Enhanced Training

Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone can't. It's a 'best kept secret' that many elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to enhance their workouts and training programs.

By adding the Compex electric muscle stimulation to your training, you can maximise your muscular effort by engaging a greater percentage of your muscle fibres - both Type 1 slow twitch muscle (endurance) and Type 2 fast twitch muscle (power and explosiveness). This means improved efficiency with enhanced results.

Athletes can use pre-programmed workouts on the Compex device to help maximise their training.

Compex is FDA-cleared and supports:

  • Increased muscle strength and density

  • Larger muscle size

  • Improved VO2 max

  • More explosive strength

  • Faster muscle recovery

Following the pre-designed programs, you can use Compex to help efficiently and effectively:

  • Boost speed, endurance and stamina

  • Increase vertical jump

  • Develop more muscle strength

  • Reduce low-back pain

  • Reduce neck pain

  • Recover faster after exertion

  • Enhance blood circulation

  • Prevent muscle imbalances

  • Improve core strength

NOTE: EMS should not replace your fitness routine, but should be used to enhance your workouts.

Trial or buy a Compex Unit

We have three Compex Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulator units at our clinic which we use as part of our physiotherapy treatments.

UPDATE: We're now a Compex Partner Practitioner. You can trial and buy a Compex muscle stimulation unit from us to help with your rehab and training. We have Compex 2.0, Compex 4.0 and Compex 8.0 in stock.

If you would like to arrange a two week trial rental or arrange to buy a Compex Unit, please call us on 02030 12 12 22 or email us at

Sarah Lawson

Sarah had wanted to be a physiotherapist from the age of 15, and she realised her dream after qualifying in 1992. She went on to gain a postgraduate qualification in Sport Medicine in 1997, and later became the Outpatient and Sports Injury Manager at the Wellington Hospital. 

When she found herself spending more time on paperwork than patients (her clinic at the Wellington was owned by an American corporation), she went into private practice – first helping a small physio clinic get back on its feet, and then setting up Physio Remedies in 2005. 

Physio Remedies has come on a long way since its inception (which consisted of just Sarah on her own, in a converted broom cupboard at the Lansdowne Club): with top physios from around the country, state-of-the-art facilities, and relationships with renowned surgeons and sports organisations, it’s one of the most highly regarded physio practices in the country.