SHARI Randall


Shari Randall Physiotherapist - Physio Remedies London W1, Mayfair, Berkeley Square, Green Park

Shari is an Australian trained physiotherapist and Dance Medicine Australia qualified Clinical Pilates instructor. She is in her tenth year of private practice work, and has also worked in several private hospitals treating patients undergoing Orthopaedic and spinal surgeries as well as pre- and post- natal women.

Shari has also undertaken Post Graduate studies in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy with a Masters from La Trobe University. She has held teaching postings at both Monash University and La Trobe University in Melbourne and continues to work remotely for La Trobe University in London. 

In London, Shari works closely with several Orthopaedic Surgeons, Pain Specialist Consultants and Sports Doctors.

Outside of work, Shari enjoys yoga, pilates, running and skiing and is particularly fond of being by the water. Shari in her youth was once a competitive sailor in Australia.


Seeing a Physio was something I’d always steadfastly avoided, fearing it would be akin to going to the dentist, but an ankle injury was seriously affecting my running and all round general fitness and simply resting it wasn’t improving matters.

I enrolled on a course of treatment with Shari and was immediately impressed with her experience and professionalism - she quickly got to the nub of the problem, helping me to understand the injury and devising a rectification plan, which was worked on during sessions and through the setting of “homework” exercises.

The ankle is much improved now and I only wish I’d seen Shari sooner. It also helps that she has a bubbly and friendly personality and never seems to have an off day. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and would strongly recommend her services.

Mark, London.

Shari has been a dream to work with. She gives clear and illustrative cues for my exercises and has helped me better understand my injury.


The follow up treatment plan with Shari has been excellent. She has treated the original issue and worked on an existing issue that has been ignored by me (not knowing) and other clinics for years. Very impressed. Time taken amazing and aftercare etc v v good.


Shari is a very good therapist, always happy and smiley, makes me feel comfortable and helps me always.