Caroline Ephgrave


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Having originally trained as a dancer, Caroline began a second career in physiotherapy in 1998 – graduating with a first class honours degree from King’s College London and winning their student award for clinical excellence.

After four years with the NHS, Caroline moved into private practice and has been with the Physio Remedies team since 2012. She was also a physiotherapist for the English National Ballet, and for the dancers on tour with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

Caroline combines her previous dance experience with clinical knowledge to analyse and correct posture and muscle imbalances, which leads to reduced pain and optimised performance.


I shattered my elbow riding a motorcycle in the countryside, and had fairly invasive ‘radial head replacement’ surgery afterwards. Once the plaster came off my (new) arm, I was left with a semi-permanent 20-degree bend at the elbow.

After about six weeks of steady work, Caroline and I managed to get my arm to straighten out to about a five-degree bend – practically unnoticeable even to the scrutiny of my friends and family. At my follow-up visits with orthopedic physicians in both the UK and the US, everyone has expressed their amazement at the progress and improvement.

More importantly, I feel like I’m finally put back together again. Thanks for everything you did for me, Caroline. I owe it all to you and your fellow professionals.

– Shawn Harwood, Washington, DC

Caroline is brilliant. In just a few sessions I can definitely feel a difference, and her practical advice is very useful and easy to follow.

– Shivani

Caroline spotted my problems quickly and gave me the right exercise. I feel my legs are much stronger than I used to. I will continue to exercise every day.

– Noriko